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The UN Secretary-General's Message for World Tourism Day E-mail

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The Secretary-General


Message for World Tourism Day


27 September 2014


This year´s observance of World Tourism Day focuses on the ability of tourism to fully empower people. Engaging local populations in tourism development builds stronger and more resilient communities.

Tourism helps people to develop a variety of skills. As a service sector with cross-cutting impact on agriculture, construction or handicrafts, tourism creates millions of jobs and business opportunities. Its capacity to lift people from poverty, promote gender empowerment and help protect the environment has made it a vital tool for achieving positive change in communities across the world.

World Rabies Day in Cambodia in 2014: Rabies remains a public health issue E-mail

 Joint Press Release From the Ministry of Health, Kingdom of Cambodia, and the World Health Organization (WHO)

World Rabies Day in Cambodia in 2014: Rabies remains a public health issue

Phnom Penh, 26 September 2014

Rabies is one of the oldest disease known and remains of public health and economic significance in most parts of Asia. Rabies is caused by a virus and transmitted from animal to humans, for which there is still not treatment available once a patient develops the symptoms.

The World Rabies Day, which falls on 28th September, has been created to remind that rabies remains a public health hazard in many parts of the world, killing at least 55,000 people, which over 90% cases are concentrated in Asia and Africa. Dog bites are the cause of almost all human rabies’ deaths, with much smaller number of cases occurring each year from other domestic and wild animals, including bats. Rabies experts at WHO and around the world are highlighting dog vaccination programmes as the most effective way to reduce the risk of this disease.

The UN Secretary-General's Remarks at the Every Woman Every Child Event E-mail

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The Secretary-General


  Remarks at the Every Woman Every Child Event


New York, 25 September 2014


Thank you for joining me today.

Women’s and children’s health has always been a top priority for me.

I have seen in my country, my family and in my travels how much women and children suffer without proper health care. I myself was born without help of a midwife, just some senior, older women - grandmothers - must have helped my Mother.


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